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What makes me try to learn a new mantra rather than watch Netflix?


        Initially, I came to yoga after getting bored with my Nordic track. I have always been committed to exercise but would get bored doing the same routine after several months. (I don’t get bored with running but my knees complained.) So, I was introduced to yoga as a form of exercise. Over time I was curious about the broader philosophy of yoga that delves into the totality of our being human. Learning about this richer aspect of yoga I became just as interested in yoga for exploring mental and spiritual aspects as well as for my physical body.  I never become bored with yoga because I continually discover new aspects about my being - physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The body, the breath, the mind and my higher Self are all intermingled and the study of this intermingled relationship expands into exploring life as a whole.

     Over the years of my yoga practice I have learned new mantras, read many books, gone to many trainings and workshops.  I never expected to be so into yoga.  I did not really know about yoga until I was well into my late 30’s.  Yoga helped me realize that I was on a personal quest in search of myself. This quest could not be satisfied by watching Netflix. (Although, I do not mind a good Netflix series like Schitt’s Creek.) Yet, this quest would have me examine my relationship to myself and the world around me.

     Rather than turn to someone for answers about the meaning and purpose to my existence, yoga leads me on the path of expanding my awareness to arrive at a personal deeper knowing.  Yoga has allowed me to accept myself as a person in my own unique body. I try to listen, respect, and befriend my body.  I have become more attuned to my body and its needs. Yoga has given me more peace of mind and less reactivity to stressors. Yoga has allowed me to grow and learn from my station in life. Yoga has helped to broaden my perspective and has raised my compassion for myself and the world around me. 

     Yoga can be practiced on many different levels - for the body, for the mind, and for a deeper look into consciousness.  Because of the expanse of life that yoga offers to explore I have never became bored with my yoga practice over twenty plus years later. Yoga is adaptable to our individual needs.

     I really should consider dropping my subscription to streaming, since its so rarely used. 


Let's continue to bring the best of ourselves forward.  The best part of ourselves may be the solution for all humanity.


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