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Money Can’t Plug Up All the (W)Holes

Have to be whole to enjoy life. 

Have to have soul to enjoy life. 

Have to be your whole soul to enjoy life.


Money can plug the mortgage hole, the utility hole, the mobile phone hole.

Money can plug the internet hole, the clothing hole, the food hole, the car finance hole. 

Money can plug a lot of holes. 

Money can even fill a doughnut hole.

But money cannot fill up all the (w)holes

Money does not fill the whole soul. 


Money fills holes of physical comfort, which is not the same as whole soul comfort. 

No currency can fulfill the soul joy of being whole.

Connection is the wealth of the soul.

Connection with own self-worth,

Connection to the love and laughter of family, and friends,

Connection to the beauty, and awe of nature, and the infinite

    make the soul whole.


Money is the physical possession. Possessiveness finds the holes.

Relation is making connection. Connection finds the whole.


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