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Full Moon - the Light of Reflection

     The light of the moon is a reflective light.  On the night of the full moon we see the moon fully lit by its ability to reflect the light of the sun without emitting the heat. In tantric yoga the moon has the quality of coolness, reflection, calm and contentment. The moon relates to the mind, or consciousness, whereas the sun relates to the life force, or prana.

     In yogic symbology the moon represents the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus. The crown is the container of soma, a healing elixir.  This soma from the crown pours downward soothing the brain and nervous system to bring inner calmness.

     Yoga practices prepare the body to open the crown chakra and to receive the benefits of this soma. This nectar is not accessible to the ordinary mind. You must develop a  no-mind.  Illustration of deities with their heads cut off represent this idea of no-mind. No mind is also described as a transparent mind, a crystal mind, or buddhi mind.  Yoga practices, particularly mantra and meditation, burn away the mentally conditioned mind that has embraced ignorance, darkness, and confusion to be liberated into the no-mind, or buddhi mind, of the our true essence.


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