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Cycles of Life

     Life is a play of opposites.  This happens when we take our first breath which is an inhale.  From birth it is a cycle of inhale followed by exhale followed by the next inhale, and so the cycle goes until we leave our bodies with an exhale. Breathing is the alternating of opposites.

     The cycle of breath reflects all of our life's cycles.  With our breathing, as with life, we move from one end of the spectrum to the other.  We find our way through inflation and recession, through times of war and times of peace, through the crisis and the calm, through the love and the hurt, sunrise and sunset, hot and cold. Our breathing cycles within these larger cycles of life.

      We are mostly unconscious of our cycles of breath.  We do not judge whether the inhale is better than the exhale, or the exhale better than the inhale.  We appreciate both as the means to sustain our body. The opposites in life we will judge by what degree these changes sustain or threaten our body and bring us pleasure or displeasure.  Coming to terms with these larger life cycles may be less about the body and more about our spirit.  Maybe the larger life experiences are not about sustaining the body but rather about growing awareness of our higher Self. For it is the higher Self that lifts us out of life's cycles to our inherent, and ever-present peace and joy.


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