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     Have you seen it?  The dogwood tree leaves are beginning to turn! September starts in nine more days. Autumn is just around the corner.  For those of you in other parts of the country maybe you noticed that the days are getting shorter. For those in the southern hemisphere the days are getting longer.

In the northern hemisphere the outward movement and activity of summer is winding down. Do you slow down as well? Much about our Western society does not allow much synchronization of our bodies to the rhythms of the seasons. Some only know that fall is arriving by the Back-to-school, and Labor day sales being advertised. Is this why we have been so slow in responding to climate change? We are so detached from our natural environment we do not have a feeling of urgency unless there is an immediate crisis.

Our disconnection to the earth is bad for the health of the environment.  What if we are also disconnected from our bodies? Being detached from our bodies also can lead to poor health consequences.  Being cut off from our bodies means that we push our bodies to exhaustion, or we do not keep our bodies properly toned. Being disconnected we eat the wrong foods. We can reconnect with your body through conscious movement.   

Let our minds turn off its "productivity" of analysis, opinions, and judgements of the outer world.  Let our mind rest in our tissues in order that maybe we could detect imbalances sooner of skeletal misalignments, or metabolic imbalances causing pain, fatigue or insomnia. Paying attention to the body you may discover a deep psychological wound that festers in anger, resentment, jealousy, greed, or fear. Let the mind engage in conscious deep breaths to feel renewed and spacious.

Let the body and mind be in Nature to feel a belonging in her expansive home. Learn from nature rather than overwhelm her with our pollutants-physical and mental. Let the body and mind be outdoors and witness the sunrise beyond mundane problems. Let the breeze remind you to take slow deep breaths. Let the abundance of an unmanufactured land bring you hope that there is a plentiful resource available to us if we only formed the right relationship with it. Begin the right relationship to the land by being in right relationship to your mind and body. It can begin with simple conscious movements and conscious slow deep breaths.



Let's continue to bring the best of ourselves forward.  The best part of ourselves may be the solution for all humanity.


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