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Self-science of the Self

Biology is the science of living organisms. Chemistry is the science of the composition and interaction of matter. Physics is the science of the phenomenon of nature occurring between energy and matter. Through science we try to gain a deeper understanding of our natural outer world.

Yoga is the science to explore the nature of the Self.  It takes a scientific approach with you as the investigator and the participant.  The science of yoga is to gain a deeper understanding of the "inner" world. Throughout our existence humans have asked the questions, "Who am I?" and "Why do I exist?" These question have led to soul searching.  So how does one get from downward-facing dog pose to the the nature of the Self?

In the Classical [as opposed to Jnana(wisdom), Bhakti(devotional), or Karma(service)] yoga path, the aim is for the instrument of your body, breath, and mind to be properly functioning and calibrated. The postures note areas of tension, fluidity, strength, weakness, and misalignments. The breath practices to explore the nervous system for energy level reflected by alertness, calmness, agitation, dullness or excitation. The mind practices of contemplation and focus note distractibility to outward experiences versus ability to rest in the "cave of the heart."  The "cave of the heart" is our inner refuge of peace and wisdom where the direct experience into the nature of the Self becomes accessible.  

Very few people can begin yoga with the ability to enter the "cave of the heart" without preparation of the laboratory. It can take an undetermined amount of time for  preparation of the body, breath, and mind to have the direct experience into the nature of the Self.  However, this time of preparation is not wasted as bits of data is collected that goes toward greater awareness and understanding of life to decrease angst,  improved ways of supporting better body chemistry for better physical and mental health, and more effective interaction with people and things for better conservation of energy.  The science of the soul will touch upon biology, chemistry, and physics along the way.


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